In view of the expiration of the mandate of the current Board of Directors of the Organization on 27-9-2023, whose term spanned six years, the candidacy for the Board membership has been opened for the period starting from 4- 9-2023 up to 20-9-2023 2023-09-04; the date of the 23-9-2023 shall be the date for the General Body members to convene. The elections have been held on time. Moreover, as per the approval of the General Body and on the basis of the provisions of the Rule 9, of paragraph 2 of the Rules of Procedure, the General Body has approved the expansion of the membership to be 6 members instead of 5. Below are the names of the ladies and gentlemen who win the membership of the Board of Directors after closing the voting process:

1. Saad Hussein

2. Alaa Tahseen

3. Khaldoon Saleem

4. Luma Al-Nabilsi

5. Kameelah Al-Shawili

6. Ihaab Mushinna

On 23- 9 – 2023, the new Board of Directors were invited to hold a meeting  convened on 10-02-2023. Out of the meeting, the Chairman of the Board of Directors, the Secretary-General of the Board,  the Chief Financial Officer of the Board,  thereof have been elected from among the Board’s members; below are the names of the members elected along with their titles:

1. Saad Hussein          (Chairman of the Board of Directors)

2. Alaa Tahseen          (Secretary of the Board of Directors)

3.Khaldoon Saleem (Chief Financial Officer of the Board of   Directors)

We congratulate the Board of Directors & wish them success in their mission.

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