IOHRD  ( Initiators Organization for Human Rights  and Democracy)

Our vision

The values of democracy, Liberty, Equality, Justice, Open society & Respect for human rights are becoming recognized all over the world as universal values. We believe there is an intimate connection between democratic values and the fundamental values of human goodness. Where there is democracy there is a greater possibility for the citizens of the country to express their basic human qualities, and where these basic human qualities prevail, there is also a greater scope for strengthening democracy.

Peace starts within each one of us. When we have inner peace, we can be at peace with those around us. When our community is in a state of peace, it can share that peace with neighbouring communities and so on. If we accept that others have an equal right to peace and happiness as ourselves, the aspiration for democracy and respect for fundamental human rights is as important to the people of Africa and Asia as it is to those in Europe or the Americas. But of course, it is often those people who are deprived of their human rights who are least able to speak up for themselves., because peace and freedom cannot be ensured as long as fundamental human rights are violated, the responsibility rests with those of us who do enjoy such freedoms, they need human rights, democracy and the rule of law, because these values are the foundation of a free and dynamic society, they are also the source of true peace and stability.

Providing for equality under law, the declaration states that everyone is entitled to equal rights and freedoms without discrimination of any kind. Peace and freedom cannot be ensured as long as fundamental human rights are violated. Similarly, there cannot be peace and stability as long as there is oppression and suppression. It is unfair to seek one’s own interests at the cost of other people’s rights. Truth cannot shine if we fail to accept truth or consider it illegal to tell the truth. Where will the idea of truth and reality be if we push the truth and facts under the carpet and allow illegal actions to triumph?

Next year  2018 we will mark the 20th anniversary of the UN Declaration on Human Rights Defenders ,which recognizes the role and guarantees the rights of those who promote and protect human spite of the fact that the declaration, the settings in which defenders work are becoming more contested and volatile around the globe, a tectonic shift towards autocratic and semi-authoritarian rule by law, and the pernicious influence of corporate, criminal and fundamentalist non-state actors, has put human rights defenders at the center as a victims and must be defended.

As human rights defenders seek ways to relieve threats and protection themselves and their work, the protection regime of public policies, mechanisms, organizations, training and funding that is meant to shield them is under pressure.

we believe that the protection model of relying heavily on international level insufficient and unsustainable, taking into consideration the severity of attacks on defenders, so we think the protection should start closer to home, which can be provided through urgent support, capacity building (trainings for HRDs), temporary relocation, early warning system for HR crises, coordination of actors, sharing of information and best practices of Permanent helpline for HRDs.


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