A group of Iraqi youth organized themselves to carry out a humanitarian initiative to provide a safe roof for the poor families’, but it was only the beginning, Iraqi Builders is a voluntary team which was found after the rain storm of 2012 winter, when many roofs of poor families’ houses were unfortunately collapsed. A group of doctors, pharmacists, engineers, workers, and students… Etc. decided together to stand by this part of community against the life severity and the poverty itself. The first mission of the team was to rebuild a roof of poor family house contains a widow and her seven orphans. The family was so poor that they couldn’t afford one meal a day.

Mission No.1 was successfully accomplished, and since that day the volunteers of the team decided to do their best to help those  who are in need, to build brighter future for them and our country.

Iraq Builders is an independent voluntary team belongs to Al-Ta’awn charitable association. The team aims to help the orphans and poor families in order to make their lives better so we can build a brighter future for our country.

What they did

  1.  One of the essential tasks of the team is to build and roofing houses for the homeless families and people who are in need. About 165 houses have been accomplished till now.
  2. Moral visits to infirmaries.
  3. About 30 Campaigns for the IDPs.
  4. Distributing air coolers for the needy families in summer and blankets in winter.
  5. Distributing bags and stationary for the orphans at every new school year.
  6. Charity markets that all the profits go to support the team’s projects.
  7. Achieving wishes campaigns for the orphans that they can have anything they wish by supporting and helping of the volunteers and the benefactors.
  8. Entertaining picnics for the orphaned children.

We, as IOHRD, express our thanks for the initiative of these heroes with our emphasis on the need to support them and develop their initiative.

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