IOHRD’s Board of Directors decided to open a branch in Iraq,

Based on Article 14 / A paragraph 1 IOHRD’s Board of Directors approved the opening of a branch for the organization in Iraq; the branch would be headquartered in Baghdad.

The Board unanimously approved the appointment of the names listed below as members of the Founding Board of Directors:-

1.Mr. Saadoon Mohsin Damad Al-chnani – Chairman of the Board of Directors

2.Mrs. Zainab Qasim Ali Qassam

3.Mr. Tahseen Mohsin Mutlag Al- Chaabawi

4.Mr. Wisam Jaafar Radhi al-Daffaie

5.Mr. Hameed Abdullah Hasan Hasan

The Board of Directors of the Branch has been requested to prepare the “Statute of the Branch for its official registration in Iraq

We wish the Board of Directors of the branch in Iraq success in its work.




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