Initiators Organization of Human Rights and Democracy (IOHRD) releases its  network strategy and invites all human rights activists and defenders to  create and organize themselves in sub networks in their workplaces. Theses sub networks will be supported by IOHRD to achieve better work coordination, high protection, and support to all human rights activists and defenders who work in human rights and legal fields.

Initiators Organization for Human Rights and Democracy (IOHRD) Initiators network strategy.

IOHRD believes that the promotion and protection of human rights is a team effort. It is collective efforts and capacities. The essential partners in this work are the human rights defenders and activists. The first step to achieve our success is to fix our partners’ atmosphere, allowing them to enjoy their human rights that were endorsed by the international system through the World Declaration on Human Rights, which was adopted in 1998. This declaration assures and protects human rights of the defenders such as the right of protection, freedom of assembly, right of establishing organizations, freedom of thinking and discussion, right of evaluation of the governmental institutions’ work, right to give recommendations, right to give and receive legal advice, right to provide consultation in regards to the protection of human rights, right to use internal and external funds and resources, and the right to work, collaborate, and contact local, regional, and international organizations without any obstacles. To protect all these rights, we need highly collaborative and organized efforts, which is represented by our organization, Initiators Organization for Human Rights and Democracy (IOHRD).
Below are IOHRD’s vision, principals, work values, goals, mechanisms, management and administration model.


Defenders of human rights are a true necessity for any healthy society that respects and values human rights. They are the anchors to evaluate, criticize, and correct any issue because they are the elite of the society. The mission of correction and purifying the human rights defenders’ and activists’ work place is a high priority of the local, regional, and international entities. For that reason, IOHRD pursues a permanent and productive change in the field of human rights by supporting human rights defenders through working with and for them against any marginalization, discrimination, prosecution, blackmailing, betrayal , defamation, legal position revocation, arrest, torture, forced disappearance, and against any threat to them and their families. Human rights defenders could be subject to any of the mentioned violations not for a crime that they committed, but because of their work as human rights defenders in societies where the non-punishment policy is the dominant policy supported by an abused political power against unprotected and vulnerable individuals and groups.

IOHRD, like other human rights organizations, are responsible for protecting, supporting, and enabling human rights’ defenders to achieve their goals by making a real and organized change to the laws, policies, and individual cases. These efforts are a positive response to protect human rights defenders and enable them to succeed in their missions and gives them the ability to face any threat because of their human rights work at the national , regional & international levels .

Principles and Values

IOHRD adopts many principles to enhance and develop the role of human rights defenders as individuals or community institutions by considering the diversity, democracy, supremacy of law, partnership, sustainable development, social justice, and respecting the privacy of all IOHRD’s partners.

Below are the main principles that IOHRD adopts in its work and relationship

1. Democracy: In order to help IOHRD achieve its goals and execute its programs in a respective and independent framework for all partners, it is very important that the relationship between IOHRD and its partners must be built on democracy and the supremacy of law .

2. Full Partnership: Try to engage all partners, if that possible, in the planning, executing, monitoring, following, evaluating, and charging for all plans and active programs.

3. Diversity: endorse diverse representation and different roles.

4. Independency , professionalism & Neutrality : respect IOHRD’s right, as it respects other partners rights to have their plans and programs based on their needs and priorities.

5. Review and evaluation: It is a very important tool to succeed in our network to criticize, review our goals and strategies, review our active programs, and work in a transparent, honest, and engaging work environment.

6. Gender Respect: IOHRD works to empower women’s role in the society, emphasizing the influence of women in its programs, goals, and its collaborative work mechanisms.


1. Build a strong civil society by enabling its activists and defenders develop and consolidate an active role through building its capacity, capability, and security.

2. Create new opportunities for productive, permanent communication among human rights defenders and activists to exchange expertise and reach resolutions to the possible challenges that they might face.

3. Enable human rights defenders and activists to change the public policies by increasing their capacity, awareness, and capability to organize campaigns.

4. Provide serious and true efforts to develop human and financial resources, build members’ and their institutions’ capacities, and develop their awareness to enable them execute their programs.

5. Present a plan and a strategy to promote human rights (spread human rights culture) on the local, regional, and international levels to clarify and highlight the role of human rights defenders in their societies and explain the reasoning ground of their protection and recognition.

6. Provide continuous support and supervision for human rights defenders and activists and their institutions to protect their efforts for the purpose of building a shared experience, enabling them to utilize it in their societies.

7. Raise awareness and build trust among the human rights activists and defenders on one side and the supportive local, regional, and international partners on the other side.

8. Achieve the coherence among them to coordinate their training programs, services, humanitarian and relief works.

9. Achieve solidarity and cooperation among human rights defenders and activists in case of crisis, challenges, obstacles, illegal and unprofessional charges.

10. Open two way formating channels with regional and international institutions to provide a maximum support to the human rights activists and defenders securing the continuous active protection and support.

11. Joint efforts to provide the digital security to all human rights defenders and activists.

IOHRD’s Work Mechanisms and Techniques

1. Sponsor and implement a joint dialogue between the human rights defenders and their institutions to encourage them publish monitoring reports, periodic bulletins, and other publications that represent the activists’ and defenders’ efforts and work.

2. Organize seminars, conferences, workshops, trainings,and meetings as needed to open a dialogue discussing many issues such as democracy, human rights, civil society issues, and human rights defenders’ issues.

3. Provide awareness and educational publications of human rights, humanitarian international law, and defenders’ rights.

4. Take procedural meaningful steps to support, empower, and format pressure groups,_____etc.

5. Develop assistance tools like establishing database and monitoring system.

6. Enhance the communication opportunities with human rights activists and defenders through engaging and introducing them to the local, regional, and international forums.

7. Document the exceptional challenges and difficulties that are facing human rights defenders and activists during their work.

8. Spread the word and publish the achievements of human rights defenders and activists in order to raise the awareness about their work..

9. Suggest and use creative methods to organize support campaigns to support human rights defenders’ and activists’ work and initiatives.

10. Promote the legitimacy of the human rights activists and defenders by introducing their noble motivations, and standing against any defamation.

11. Provide accessibility, through IOHRD effective coordination, to the local, regional, and international protection mechanisms for all human rights defenders and activists, who are facing imminent danger.
12. Coordinate the efforts, to provide support and advisory expertise, between human rights defenders and their supporters to execute their programs.

Administration and Management

IOHRD management is a part of the main human rights defenders’ and activists’ network who represent many countries. These networks have many sub networks according to the geographic distribution of their activists and defenders. IOHRD affairs and activities are managed by a well-known activists’ committee in this country. They are responsible for managing, organizing, and coordinating IOHRD’s affairs with other countries networks’ managers. Also, they are in charge of checking and reviewing membership requests to eliminate it to only human rights activists and defenders .

IOHRD has an open door for any improvement suggestions or ideas proposed by its members to have their touch and creativity to enhance and improve our organization. .

Initiators network membership form

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